Learn more about how our billing engine works

Need Support or Suggestion?

Please open an issue on our GitHub idea board

Security Concerns?

We use read access, to your DigitalOcean account. If you have concerns of discover an issue please contact support@snapshooter.io

How long does importing take?

Normally importing invoices does no take to long, an account 24 months old with $1000 monthly spend should be completed in under 30 minutes

Whats currently included?

At the moment we are only monitoring, Apps, Droplets, Databases, Volumes, Snapshots and Load Balancers, other resources are getting skipped

Other resources will get added soon, e.g. Spaces

Credits not showing?

We do not currently show your DigitalOcean credit spend, there is no way to for us to real time monitor this, we can only see this in past invoices

Not showing Tax?

We have decided at this time not to display tax, for a lot of businesses there invoices don't have tax.