Learn more about how our monitoring works

What is Bill.DO?

Bill.DO is a DigitalOcean billing monitoring tool where you can setup alerts to keep an eye on DigitalOcean spending.

Why do I need Bill.DO?

DigitalOcean only shows you your current spend (updated daily) and will notify you when you rise above a certain treshold.

The problem with that is that's it takes a big spreadsheet to figure out what the bill is going to be at the end of the month.

And as soon as DigitalOcean sends you a notification indicating you are past a treshold, you are past it and the money is already spent.

Bill.DO gives you insights and alerting to act before something happens and allows you to react before it get's out of hand.

How long does the first import take?

Importing invoices takes a few minutres, an account 24 months old with ~$1000 monthly spend should be completed in less than 30 minutes.

What's currently included?

At the moment we are monitoring: Apps, Droplets, Databases, Volumes, Snapshots and Load Balancers, other resources are getting skipped.

If you want to see support for other resources open up or vote on a roadmap item.

Need Support or have a suggestion?

Please open or vote on an item on our roadmap

If you have private concerns of discovered an issue please contact us directly!

Security Concerns?

We connect to your DigitalOcean account using only read access, this means we cannot make any changes to your account at any time.

If you have private concerns of discovered an issue please contact us directly!

Credits not visible?

We do not currently show your DigitalOcean credit spend, there is no way to for us to monitor this, we can only see this in past invoices.

Taxes not visible?

We have decided at this time not to display taxes because it adds a lot of complexity and differs from account to account.

Who build it?

Bill.DO was originally created by SnapShooter but is currently part of Chief Tools.